Wednesday, 27 July 2016

Renting a limousine for various celebrations

I really did not know what kind of present to make to my friends, so after a while I have asked myself... how would be to rent a wedding limousine for the celebrations that came right after the wedding?

At first I was not very sure about my idea - because I did not know if they would appreciate the limo as a wedding present and I also did not knew if they were planning to get another limousine. SO... after a while, I decided to ask Stefan directly what he thinks and he was quite happy with the ideea, as they also thought about this.

Now... in just 2 hours we found a couple of websites in Romania that were offering those limos for rent, with or without a driver,with or  without some extras and finally we have decided to go for the mos interesting, luxuriant and out of order limo that we found,  which was a great black limousine.

The idea was simply great and it had great success, as everyone at the wedding was simply astonished by the luxury of that car, and almost evryone tried it and went on a short ride with the limo and the 2.

The price was also great, as it did not cost as much as it would cost in the US, and also the quality of the ride was nice - as we had all the necessary thins what we could want, ike champagne, expensive wine, whiskey, and other things ;)

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